Install GitHub application

The custom GitHub application allows RelativeCI to authenticate users with their GitHub accounts, authorize access to repositories, add commit checks, set commit statuses, or add pull request comments.

You can install the application for personal, organization or enterprise accounts. For organization or enterprise accounts, your user needs to have admin role to install and configure applications.

For GitHub Enterprise Server projects, follow Create RelativeCI GitHub application guide, save the application details and use the corresponding URL on the steps bellow.

Step 1. Configure GitHub application

Navigate to RelativeCI GitHub application page and click the Configure button:

Step 2. Select organization

Select the organization for which you want to install the GitHub application:

GitHub RelativeCI app select organization

Step 3. Select repositories

You can choose to install RelativeCI GitHub application for all repositories or only for selected repositories. Click Install to finish the process:

GitHub RelativeCI app select repository

When RelativeCI GitHub application installation will be complete, GitHub will redirect you to RelativeCI Setup page.

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