Slack notification

Get notified and review bundle changes directly on your organization Slack channels.

The RelativeCI Slack notification shows a quick summary of the bundle changes:

  • total bundle size
  • insights (new installed packaged, duplicate packages)
  • current, baseline, and delta values for changed metrics
RelativeCI Slack notifications

Click on the available links to navigate to the job/branch/project overview or on the insights/changed metric labels to go directly to the corresponding section of the bundle report.

Setup RelativeCI app for Slack

Project settings management is available for users with admin role (project/organization).

To enable Slack notifications for your project, navigate to Project -> Settings -> Integrations, select Slack Notifications item and click on Add to Slack button to start the RelativeCI app for Slack installation flow.

Configure Slack notifications

Send Slack notifications based on rules

By default, RelativeCI sends a notification after every processed job, however you can set rules to be notified only when the metrics that interest you the most are changing:

Configure Slack notifications rules


Send Slack notifications only when Bundle Size changes:

RelativeCI GitHub Slack notification example - send notification on bundle size change

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