In-depth bundle analysis and monitoring

Deliver performant modern web applications with automated bundle analysis and monitoring.

Supported build tools

  • webpack
  • Rspack
  • Vite
  • Rollup
  • esbuild
  • Parcel
Bundle analysis - Assets

500+ open-source and enterprise projects use RelativeCI
to ship performant modern web applications

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Ship performant web applications with confidence

Get an in-depth bundle analysis for every build. Review, fix, and optimize your web application's bundle before shipping to production.

Automated bundle analysis

Understand the impact of every change

Get a detailed view of how the code changes affect your web application bundle and user performance. Review the bundle analysis size, metrics, insights, and compare individual assets/modules/packages. Automate the code review process with GitHub Commit Status Review flow.

Automate your bundle analysis
Bundle analysis - Assets

Bundle analysis comparison

Get an in-depth understanding of the bundle stats changes.

RelativeCI - Bundle analysis comparison

Bundle stats insights

Inspect custom bundle analysis insights to identify regressions quickly.

RelativeCI - Bundle stats insights

Pull request review

Automate the code review process with dynamic conditions specific to your project.

RelativeCI - Pull request review

Dependency analysis

Evaluate the cost of third-party dependencies

Review the impact of every direct or transitive dependency. Get notified when the bundle introduces a new dependency or contains duplicate dependencies.

Support for all major package managers

  • npm
  • pnpm
  • yarn
Evaluate your dependencies
Bundle analysis - Packages

Quick feedback

Integrate with your workflow

Get the bundle analysis summary where your team is working. Navigate directly to the impacted sections from the report metrics.

Integrate with your workflow
GitHub Pull Request comment

Supported build tools

  • webpack
  • Rspack
  • Vite
  • Rollup
  • esbuild
  • Parcel

Support for all major CI services

  • GitHub Actions
  • circleci
  • Vercel
  • Jenkins
  • Travis CI
  • ...and more

Debug and optimize in minutes

Take advantage of historical data to identify trends and discover optimization opportunities. Use metric insights and bundle analysis comparison to detect regressions.

Bundle stats monitoring

Identify trends

Monitor bundle analysis metrics over extended periods and discover optimization opportunities or regressions. Utilize the detailed insights of each metric to gain a deeper understanding.

Identify trends
Bundle metrics monitoring

In-depth bundle analysis

Debug with ease

Compare bundle analysis over longer periods and get an in-depth view of the asset, module, and package changes. Use filters to focus on the entries that interest you.

Debug your bundle
Compare jobs


Leonardo Faria

Senior Front-end Architect

A tool that I really like is @Relative_CI, already in 3 codebases here and it helps a lot analyzing the impact of a dependency in your bundle size

In this screenshot (educational PR), adding moment().format() increases the bundle size in 7%. Good for code review suggestions

Julian Perelli


RelativeCI helped us detect big size bundles before they reach production. It removes the stress of forgetting an important check that we used to do manually.