RelativeCI is using bundle-stats to extract and analize the webpack stats object.


Source: the list of files emitted by webpack.

  • the asset size is the disk file size
  • assets matched by excludeAssets option are ignored
  • source map files(.map) are ignored by default

Bundle Size

Sum of all assets emitted by webpack. Per file type metrics are also available: CSS, JS, IMG, Media, Fonts, Html and Other.

Initial JS

Sum of all JavaScript assets that are flagged as initial(eg: vendor.js, app.js).

Initial CSS

Sum of all CSS assets that are flagged as initial(eg: vendor.css, app.css).

Cache Invalidation

Ratio between the total changed assets and Bundle Size.


Total number of chunks generated by webpack.


Total number of assets emitted by webpack.


Source: list of modules bundled by webpack.

  • the module size is the estimated size before any production optimization (eg: concatenation, minification)
  • modules matched by excludeModules option are ignored
  • modules that don't belong to any chunk are ignored


Total number of modules bundled by webpack.


Source: unique node_modules paths extracted from modules

  • package size the estimated size of the contained modules before any production optimization(eg: concatenation, minification)


Total number of packages bundled by webpack.

Duplicate Packages

Total number of packages that are duplicated.