Data and metrics

RelativeCI uses bundle-stats to verify, filter and analyze webpack stats. Discover below the data and the metrics extracted for each section:

For projects using Vite/Rollup, check How to output bundle stats JSON file on Vite guide.


The list of assets produced by webpack

Asset size: The size of the file produced by webpack

  • webpack ignores assets that match excludeAssets webpack stats option
  • bundle-stats ignores assets with .map and .LICENSE.txt extensions

Bundle Size

The total size of the assets produced by webpack

bundle-stats extracts total metrics for each file type(ex: CSS, JS, IMG, Media, Fonts, Html, and Other).

Initial JS

The total size of JavaScript initial chunks

Initial CSS

The total size of CSS initial chunks

Cache Invalidation

The ratio between the total changed assets and total assets size(Bundle Size)


The total number of chunks


Total number of assets


List of modules bundled by webpack
  • webpack ignores modules that match excludeModuleswebpack stats option
  • bundle-stats ignores modules that are not bundled into any chunks

Module size: module file size before any production optimization(ex: terser minification)


The total number of modules bundled by webpack

From bundle-stats@v4, the metric counts all the duplicate module instances - bundle-stats#2122.


Duplicate Modules


The total number of modules that belong to more than one chunk

Duplicate Code


The percentage of total duplicate module size from the total module size


Packages bundled by webpack

Package size: the total package's module size before any production optimization(ex: terser minification).


The total number of packages bundled by webpack

Duplicate Packages

The total number of duplicate packages


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