Specialized insights for web bundles

Metrics and data

RelativeCI is using bundle-stats to analyze the bundles. Read more about the metrics and the data that is collected on every run:


Total Bundle Size

Sum of all assets size.

Initial JS Size

Sum of all JavaScript assets that are loaded initially(eg: vendor.js, app.js).

Initial CSS Size

Sum of all CSS assets that are loaded initially(eg: vendor.css, app.css).

Cache Invalidation

Ratio between the total of changed assets and Total Bundle Size.

Module Count

Total number of modules bundled by webpack.

Chunk Count

Total number of chunks generated by webpack.

Assets Count

Total number of assets outputted by webpack.

Package Count

Total number of packages bundled by webpack.

Duplicate Packages Count

Total number of packages that are duplicated.



List of files outputted by webpack

  • some files might be ignored if excludeAssets is set in the stats config
  • source map files(.map) are ignored
  • the asset size is the file disk size


List of modules bundled by webpack

  • modules might be missing if excludeModules is set in the stats config
  • modules that don't belong to any chunk are ignored
  • the module size is the source code length after transformations(eg: babel-loader), but before any production optimization


List of packages bundled

The package list is extracted from the modules paths.

Duplicate Packages

List of duplicated packages and the packages that are requiring them.