Data and metrics

RelativeCI uses bundle-stats to extract and analyze the webpack stats data. View bellow the data and the metrics for each category:


The list of assets emitted by webpack.

  • webpack ignores assets matched by excludeAssets stats option
  • bundle-stats ignores assets with .map and .LICENSE.txt extensions

Size: Disk file size

Bundle Size

Sum of all assets emitted by webpack. Per file type metrics are also available: CSS, JS, IMG, Media, Fonts, Html and Other.

Initial JS

Sum of all JavaScript assets that are tagged as initial(eg: vendor.js, app.js).

Initial CSS

Sum of all CSS assets that are tagged as initial(eg: vendor.css, app.css).

Cache Invalidation

Ratio between the total changed assets and Bundle Size.


Total number of chunks generated by webpack.


Total number of assets emitted by webpack.


List of modules bundled by webpack.

  • webpack ignores modules matched by excludeModules option
  • bundle-stats ignores modules that don't belong to a chunk

Module size: estimated size before any production optimization (eg: minification)


Total number of unique modules bundled by webpack.

Starting with bundle-stats@v4, the metric will consider all the modules instances - bundle-stats#2122.


Duplicate Modules


Total number of modules that belong to more than one chunk.

Duplicate Code


The percentage of total duplicate module size from the total module size.


Unique node_modules paths extracted from module paths

Package size: estimated size of the contained modules before any production optimization(eg: minification)


Total number of packages bundled by webpack.

Duplicate Packages

Total number of packages that are duplicated.