Setup @relative-ci/agent CLI

Step 1. Install

npm install --save-dev @relative-ci/agent
yarn add --dev @relative-ci/agent
pnpm add -D @relative-ci/agent

Step 2. Output webpack stats JSON file

Follow the steps on Output webpack stats JSON file guide.

Step 3. Configure @relative-ci/agent

module.exports = {
// Get current commit message (`git log -1 --pretty=%B`) and send it to RelativeCI as part of the build informatin
includeCommitMessage: true,
// Save agent payload to disk for debugging
// @example './relative-ci-payload.json',
payloadFilepath: undefined,
webpack: {
// Path to Webpack stats JSON file
stats: './webpack-stats.json'

Step 4. Configure Continuous integration(CI) service

Add environment variables

RELATIVE_CI_KEY - required

Your project RelativeCI API key. To view the corresponding key for your project, navigate to and go to the project Settings -> API Keys page.

RELATIVE_CI_ENDPOINT - required for RelativeCI Enterprise Cloud/Server

Set the RelativeCI ingestion URL corresponding to your setup.

More resources:

Run agent CLI on CI

Add a CI job to run @relative-ci/agent after the build job.

View config examples for:

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