Vite: Output bundle stats Beta

rollup-plugin-webpack-stats extracts the rollup bundle stats, transforms them to a webpack stats structure, and generates the JSON file.


npm install --save-dev rollup-plugin-webpack-stats
yarn add --dev rollup-plugin-webpack-stats
pnpm add -D rollup-plugin-webpack-stats


import { defineConfig } from 'vite';
import { webpackStats } from 'rollup-plugin-webpack-stats';
export default defineConfig((env) => ({
build: {
rollupOptions: {
output: {
// Use a supported file pattern for Vite 5/Rollup 4
assetFileNames: 'assets/[name].[hash][extname]',
chunkFileNames: 'assets/[name].[hash].js',
entryFileNames: 'assets/[name].[hash].js',
plugins: [
// Output webpack-stats.json file

Output bundle stats JSON file

The plugin generates the bundle stats JSON file during the build process:

npx vite build
1908 modules transformed.
dist/index.html 0.30 kB
dist/webpack-stats.json 55.13 kB
dist/assets/utils-daa1a1f7.css 0.03 kB │ gzip: 0.05 kB
dist/assets/about-86a446cc.js 79.09 kB │ gzip: 27.53 kB
dist/assets/index-bcbba0ad.js 419.66 kB │ gzip: 137.03 kB

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