Debug GitHub action

Use debug input

To debug @relative-ci/agent GitHub action, set debug input to true:

name: RelativeCI GitHub action example
# Install dependencies
- run: npm ci
# Build bundle and output webpack stats according to Step 1.
- run: npm run build --if-present
- name: Send webpack stats to RelativeCI
uses: relative-ci/agent-action@v1.1.3
# Webpack stats filepath
webpackStatsFile: ./webpack-stats.json
# RelativeCI key
key: ${{ secrets.RELATIVE_CI_KEY }}
# Show debug info
debug: true

The GitHub action will run @relative-ci/agent CLI with DEBUG=relative-ci:agent:

Prepare all required actions
Getting action download info
Run ./
Environment variables
relative-ci:agent Config {
config: {
payloadFilepath: undefined,
includeCommitMessage: true,
webpack: { stats: './webpack-stats.json' }
filepath: '/home/runner/work/repo/relativeci.config.js'
relative-ci:agent env-ci params {
branch: 'master',
commit: 'f4f52dd148c6fd7f39962fa52b08dc85cf77a679',
isCi: true,
prBranch: undefined,
service: 'github',
slug: 'acme/web-app'
relative-ci:agent RELATIVE_CI_SLUG not available, using env-ci
relative-ci:agent Job parameters {
key: '***',
endpoint: '',
agentVersion: '2.1.0',
branch: 'master',
commit: 'f4f52dd148c6fd7f39962fa52b08dc85cf77a679',
isCi: true,
prBranch: undefined,
service: 'github',
slug: 'acme/web-app',
commitMessage: 'feat: Add login validation'
relative-ci:agent Payload {
key: '***',
project: 'acme/web-app',
service: 'github',
job: {
commit: 'f4f52dd148c6fd7f39962fa52b08dc85cf77a679',
branch: 'master',
prNumber: undefined,
buildNumber: undefined,
buildUrl: undefined,
commitMessage: 'feat: Add login validation'
rawData: { webpack: { stats: [Object] } },
agentVersion: '2.1.0'
relative-ci:agent Payload size 298791
Send stats to RelativeCI branch=master commit=f4f52dd148c6fd7f39962fa52b08dc85cf77a679
relative-ci:agent Response {
reportUrl: '',
res: { job: { internalBuildNumber: 20 } },
info: { message: { txt: 'Bundle Size 12.42MB (+1.2%).' } }
Job #20 done.
Bundle Size 12.42MB (+1.2%).

Use bundle-stats

When using a custom webpack stats configuration, it is possible that the output of the JSON file is not in the exact format that @relative-ci/agent is expecting. In that case, the agent will return a validation error. To test and fix your configuration locally, you can use bundle-stats.

bundle-stats is the standalone open-source utility that RelativeCI is using to validate, filter, and process webpack stats.

npx bundle-stats ./webpack-stats.json