Relative CI is using the Webpack stats as a source of data. The following metrics are generated:

Total Size

Total size is calculated from the assets array. Also, per file type metrics are available:

const FILE_TYPE_CSS = /\.css$/;
const FILE_TYPE_JS = /\.js$/;
const FILE_TYPE_IMG = /\.(png|jpe?g|webp|gif|svg|ico)$/;
const FILE_TYPE_MEDIA = /\.(mp4|mp3|mov)$/;
const FILE_TYPE_FONTS = /\.(woff|woff2|ttf|otf)$/;
const FILE_TYPE_HTML = /\.(html?)$/;
const FILE_TYPE_OTHER = /.*/;

Cache Invalidation

The Cache Invalidation ratio is calculated by comparing changed assets between a build and the reference build.

Assets Count

The number of assets that webpack generated.

Chunks Count

The number of chunks that webpack generated.

Entrypoints Count

The number of entrypoints that webpack generated.

Module Count

The number of modules that webpack imported during the build process.