Next.js: Output webpack stats

To output the webpack stats JSON file on Next.js, you can use a dedicated webpack plugin like FormidableLabs/webpack-stats-plugin.

Step 1. Install webpack-stats-plugin

npm install --save-dev webpack-stats-plugin
yarn add --dev webpack-stats-plugin
pnpm add -D webpack-stats-plugin

Step 2. Configure

const { StatsWriterPlugin } = require('webpack-stats-plugin')
module.exports = {
webpack: (config, options) => {
const { dev, isServer } = options;
// Output webpack stats JSON file only for client-side/production build
if (!dev && !isServer) {
new StatsWriterPlugin({
filename: '../webpack-stats.json',
stats: {
assets: true,
chunks: true,
modules: true
return config;

To avoid issues with other tools that check if the repository has uncommitted changes or if you are publishing your project as an npm package, consider adding the generated webpack stats file to .gitingore / .npmignore.


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