Service Update: Upgrade to bundle-stats v4

July 18, 2022

Sunday, July 24, 2022, at 6:00 UTC we will be performing a service update to upgrade bundle-stats to v4. The new version contains breaking changes related to the extraction of data and metrics from the webpack stats:

1. Count duplicate module instances towards the total module count

What is going to change?

bundle-stats@4.0.0 counts every duplicate module instance towards the total module count.


The change allows for a better correlation of bundle size changes with the module count and duplicate module count metrics.

The change will be available for all projects after the service update. For some projects, the module count metric value will increase compared with the previous jobs causing the reports to show a metric change.

Please consider the change if you rely on the module count metric for GitHub checks or Slack notifications integration rules.

2. Stop processing webpack stats entrypoints data

What is going to change?

Starting with bundle-stats@4.0.0, the extracted asses are flagged as 'Entry' based on the information available on the webpack stats chunks[].entry. Because of this change, the agent does not need to send webpack stats entrypoints data.

The service will stop processing webpack stats entrypoints data for all projects, but you can update your agent configuration to stop sending webpack stats entrypoints data:

  • relative-ci/agent CLI or relative-ci/agent-action: remove webpack stats entrypoints option
  • relative-ci/agent webpack-plugin: update to the latest version

If you have any questions, please contact us via Email, Twitter or GitHub.

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