Asset, Module, Package side panel details

June 30, 2023

Asset, module, and package side panel details

We improved the debugging with bundle stats comparison by introducing full details for asset, module, and package entries. On the bundle stats assets/modules/packages table, click on the entry name to open the side panel and view the entry's full details: name (file path, package name), current/baseline sizes, delta, and custom data. Click the entry details links to view the corresponding bundle stats entries.

Asset details

RelativeCI bundle stats asset details

Module details

RelativeCI bundle stats module details

Package details

RelativeCI bundle stats package details

To allow other team members to review the same asset/module/package entry, share the current browser URL.

Job review enhancements

The job review modal now shows more details about the changes, allowing you to assess the regression impact quickly:

  1. formatted bundle stats metric values and condition thresholds
  2. the absolute delta between the bundle stats metric value and the condition threshold
  3. enhanced passed/failed values
GitHub Commit Status review pending


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