New packages insight, duplicate packages insight update

February 20, 2023

New packages insight

The New packages insight warns when the bundle introduces new packages, either as a result of installing a new direct dependency(ex: npm install --save lodash) or when the new packages are automatically installed as transitive dependencies.

New packages insight

Click on the New packages insight message to view all the changed packages.

Duplicate packages insight update

The new Duplicate packages insight compares every duplicate instance between the current bundle and baseline to help identify when the bundle introduces or removes a duplicate package instance. The insight shows an error when new duplicate instances are added, a warning when the bundle contains duplicate instances, and info when all the duplicate packages are removed.

Duplicate packages insight

Click on the Duplicate packages insight message to view all the changed duplicate packages.

Show insights on the integration reports

Integration reports now include bundle insights to help identify regressions faster. GitHub Pull Request comments, GitHub Check reports, and Slack notifications show the insight message, the type, and the link for the corresponding report section.

GitHub Pull Request comment - insights

Slack notification - insights

Click on the insight message to navigate to the corresponding section.

Reveal regression insights on job lists and product card

You can now identify the jobs that introduced regressions directly from the job list, home dashboard, or organization's projects dashboard. When the job insights contain regressions(ex: a duplicate package instance was added or a new package was installed), a warning or error icon will appear next to the job commit message:

Job list - insights

Projects - insights

To navigate to the insights corresponding job section, mouse over the icon and click on the insight message.

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