Organization's projects bundle size stats, integration logs

November 30, 2022

Organization's projects bundle size stats

The organization's dashboard shows an overview of the bundle size changes in the last 30 days across all the projects, allowing you to identify projects with bundle size regressions. To analyze a specific project, from the project bundle size chart, you can navigate to the jobs list for a particular interval or go to the job comparison for an interval/period.

organization's projects bundle size stats

Integration logs

You can now inspect the logs for a specific integration on Project -> Settings -> Integration -> Logs. Click on the log's "View details" button to access the corresponding request and response.

Project integration logs


  • fix: Correct encoding for download sources
  • fix: Admin logs - do not log processed jobs
  • fix: Project admin logs - allow access only for project/organization admins
  • enhancement: Custom rule settings selector
  • enhancement: Integration setting pages
  • enhancement: 2 columns layout for Organization/Project setting pages
  • enhance: Project summary - default to last 30 days
  • enhance: Job compare modal - sticky header, UI improvements
  • enhance: User management - ui improvements
  • enhance: GitHub Pull Request comment/Check - add baseline info, branch link, all metrics
  • fix: Use mebibyte(MiB, KiB) for file size formatting (bundle-stats@4.1.0)

New versions


  • use bundle-stats@4.1.5
  • fix: Webpack plugin types
  • chore: Update dependencies


  • use bundle-stats@4.1.5
  • chore: Update dependencies


  • enhance: Dropdown components
  • fix: Summary item title hovercard
  • chore: Update dependencies

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