Duplicate modules and duplicate code metrics

March 31, 2022

Duplicate modules and duplicate code metrics

RelativeCI now supports BundleStats@3.3.0 and extracts 2 new metrics from the webpack stats:

  • Duplicate modules: the number of modules that are part of multiple chunks
  • Duplicate code: the percentage of total duplicate module size from the total module size

You can use Duplicate modules and Duplicate code metrics to enable or fine tune your webpack split chunk configuration. The new metric values are available across all integrations and on Job / Compare job pages on the Modules panel:

Duplicate modules and duplicate code metrics

On the modules page, you can filter the entries using the 'Duplicate' flag:

Duplicate module filter


Stable support for GitHub action workflows

RelativeCI agent action v2 was released with stable support for pull_request and workflow_run events. The action collects and sends the corresponding commit data when running on pull_request and it can run during the workflow_run event for workflows triggered by insecure events.

The documentation for all cases and links to example repos are available on Setup GitHub action page.



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