Job compare mode, monorepo support

November 30, 2021

Job compare mode

When investigating bundle size changes over a larger period, it is helpful to compare bundle stats with other jobs than the baseline.

From the job page, you can click 'Compare', filter jobs, and select a job to compare with. The compare mode includes all the metrics and insights that are available for the baseline comparison.


Monorepo support (beta)

You can now set up multiple projects for the same GitHub repository. To add a new project, navigate to the organization page, click Add project, and follow the setup steps.

The project name is populated with the repository name by default, though a unique value is required. All the integrations will display the custom name(if available) to be able to differentiate between different projects' pull-request/status checks.



  • improvement: organization usage for the latest 30 days and last quota period
  • improvement: get GitHub pull-request number for Vercel jobs
  • improvement: auto-populate project name from GitHub
  • improvement: allow to change project name from project settings
  • fix: show job info for members
  • maintenance: bundle-stats@3.2.1

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