Bundle size by package

September 28, 2019

Bundle Size by package

The sum of included module sizes by package.

Monitoring bundle size by dependency can help identify possible issues caused by nested dependency updates, unavailable tree-shaking, or package-lock.json / yarn.lock changes.

Packages view

Rel: bundle-stats/bundle-stats #254

Package Count metric

Number of all direct and indirect packages that are included in the bundle.

A change of Package Count metric can be caused by:

  1. a project dependency is added/removed
  2. a nested dependency is added/removed by one of your direct or indirect dependencies
  3. npm/yarn dependency resolution change resulting in duplicating/deduping dependencies.
Package count

Rel: bundle-stats/bundle-stats #254

Report sorting

Reports can now be sorted by Name/Size/Delta ascending/descending, making it easier to identify the largest changes.

Assets view order

Rel: bundle-stats/bundle-stats #20

New bundle size by file type chart

Bundle size by file type chart

Rel: bundle-stats/bundle-stats #115

RelativeCI Agent webpack plugin

RelativeCI Agent can be setup as a webpack plugin, read more about it on the setup page.

Rel: relative-ci/agent PR #19

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